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Stickman Checks Out Craps Systems

19 April 2014

By Jerry Stickman
Hi Jerry,

I'm sure you've simulated most every popular system out there. If you had a max bankroll of $2000, what craps system or strategy would you recommend playing?

I've simulated playing a don't pass bet with odds along with a don't come bet, with a positive outcome. However, in reality in the casinos, it hasn't work out nearly as well.


Hi Don,

Yes, I have simulated many, many craps betting systems although nowhere near every system as craps betting systems are seemingly as prevalent as grains of sand. In actuality, I have given up simulating craps betting systems as each and every time I simulate one, it ends up just as the math dictates.

With that being said, the best way to bet your $2,000 bankroll would be on the lowest possible house edge bets. This would be either pass line / come bets or don’t pass / don’t come bets.

The house edge on a pass line / come or a don’t pass / don’t come bet is about 1.4 percent on the base portion only. That means for every $10 you bet on the base portion of the bet you will lose about 14? on average. Adding odds to these bets doesn’t change the amount you will lose over the long run. You will still lose 14 cents for every $10 bet.

What will change by taking odds is the volatility or variance. You will experience larger swings (both up and down) in your bankroll.

Because your bankroll is relatively small, I would recommend only making one pass, come, don’t pass or don’t come bet with no odds at table minimum. This gets you in the game and preserves your bankroll. No matter how you bet, in a random game of craps you will lose money.

In short, there is no betting system that can overcome the house edge in craps. The only way to do that is to learn a controlled throw, which can change the nature of the game by either reducing the appearance of the dreaded 7 or by increasing the appearance of certain numbers.

Developing a controlled throw takes work, dedication and discipline. Even with a controlled throw it is best to only bet the low house edge bets.

The only way to be a winner at craps is to develop a controlled throw. No gambling betting systems can be used to beat the game.

All the best in your casino and life endeavors,

Jerry “Stickman”

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